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What do the alarm clock, the calculator, the satnav, the compact digital camera, the mp3 player, the pocket map and the notepad have in common? David Wong explores horizontal business models.

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With the launch of our Innovator's Column in the Guardian, David explains the criteria we will use to find the most innovative companies.

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Andrew Grant

Lean Capital

Posted By Andrew Grant, Satalia

12 February 2014

After attending our roundtable discussion on entrepreneurial finance, Andrew explores how we can get more startups funded.

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Prateek Sureka

The potential impacts of public procurement

Posted By Prateek Sureka

07 February 2014

Prateek looks at the details behind Bombardier securing the Crossrail contract this week, and why similar deals in the past failed.

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Dr Frances PinterDr Lucy Montgomery

Data Innovation and Open Access Part 2: Books

Posted By Lucy Montgommery & Frances Pinter

04 February 2014

In the second part of their blog, Lucy and Frances look at whether data innovation has a similar role to play in open access for scholarly books.

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Dr Frances PinterDr Lucy Montgomery

Data Innovation and Open Access

Posted By Lucy Montgomery & Frances Pinter, Knowledge Unlatched

23 January 2014

Lucy looks at the impact the open data and data innovation movements are having on open access.

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What is the difference between reinvention and tweaking a business model? David explores the question, as the two are often confused.

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David sees what comparisons can be made between the legendary football manager, and the ways companies innovate and adapt.

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Dr Lucy Montgomery

Knowledge Unlatched Announces the Launch of its Pilot Collection

Posted By Lucy Montgomery, Knowledge Unlatched

22 October 2013

Lucy works for Knowledge Unlatched, a start-up committed to making academic books open access. In this blog, she describes their latest project: the Pilot Collection

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Muthu reacts to the publication of the Witty Review, an investigation into how universities could be further involved in economic growth.

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Darren Hart

How mezzanine finance can help SMEs achieve growth

Posted By Darren Hart, Santander UK

11 October 2013

Following our Financing our Future event, Darren reflects on the potential of mezzanine finance and the work Santander is doing to secure the future of innovative firms.

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Gareth QuestedHiba Sameen

Plugging the finance gap

Posted By Gareth Quested & Hiba Sameen

08 October 2013

Their second blog in their series on finance, Hiba and Gareth wonder what an innovation-friendly financial system would look like and the impact it would have on our economy.

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David Wong

And that's the way the BlackBerry crumbles

Posted By David Wong

04 October 2013

With the heat now turning up on BlackBerry, David looks at how the telecomms giant fell apart.

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Gareth QuestedHiba Sameen

Why is finance failing high-growth firms?

Posted By Hiba Sameen and Gareth Quested

24 September 2013

Based on our latest finance report, Hiba and Gareth look at the obstacles stopping innovative firms from accessing finance.

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Following the news that Netflix uses illegal download data to improve its service, David looks at how innovative the company has become.

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