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Our expertise

The Big Innovation Centre is a unique initiative with a bold ambition: to make the UK a global open innovation hub. This comes as part of the urgent task of rebalancing and growing the UK economy, and we aim to capitalise on the enormous current and future waves of technological and scientific opportunity. 

Our work is anchored in three action groups, each cross-cutting theme encapsulating one of the key carriers for growth:

  • Big data action group: Big data and digital networks
  • Green growth action group: Sustainability, green tech, and low carbon economies
  • Health action group: Health, the bio-medical sectors, and life sciences

These technologies are today’s equivalents of the steam engine, electricity or the internet – the so called ‘general purpose technologies’ (GPTs) that change the world and drive growth. Our cutting-edge research agenda addresses the most pressing issues facing the UK economy today, and is oriented around six core work streams.

Big Data in 2025

How we think Big Data will shape the future, and what are we doing to make it a reality.

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Business model innovation

Take a look at the research we do around business model innovation, an often neglected topic which turns out to be just as important as technological and product innovation. 

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Barriers to accessing debt finance for SMEs

Does the way SMEs are evaluated by financial lenders impose barriers to potentially high-growth firms? Look at the work we currently do around this topic.

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Developing new banking business models

Take a look at the work we do around banking business models, where we advocate a change in both the nature and culture of banks as to avoid past mistakes from repeating themselves.

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