We are creating a digital sharing revolution!

We are the hub where companies from different industries, universities, public bodies and other organizations share, combine and experiment with data without fear of compromising IP, data privacy and security.

Through our HACKWEEKS we solve data-related business, cross-industry or societal innovation challenges in a collaborative way. 

We influence policy to design a national strategy for big data and help inform fit-for-purpose regulation. We have been working on the Data Capability Strategy with the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Our insights 

The greatest opportunities from ‘big data’ require data and insights to be linked across organizational boundaries. Our HACKWEEKS are a tool to solve data-related business, cross- industry or societal innovation challenges in a collaborative way, and to proto-type or visualize new product or process solutions or even new business models. 

We liaise with the UK Public Data Group to engage public data sets in the big data revolution.

Companies and organizations struggle to combine private data and get access to all public data silos to solve common challenges, for two main reasons: (1) Concerns about data protection and security – organizations are worried about losing control or leaks, especially where the benefits are yet to be proven; and (2) Lack of a trusted and neutral party to facilitate the data sharing. 

With our partners we have co-designed some the technical key performance indicators for what a good data meshing digital platform looks like, and we have views on what regulatory framework supports all this.

Our Trusted Data Accelerator kitemark for data meshing:

  • A trusted digital platform where companies from different industries, universities, public bodies and other organizations share, combine and experiment with data without fear of compromising IP, data privacy and security
  • A tool to solve data-related cross-industry innovation challenges in a collaborative way
  • A hub where companies and other organizations bring data and insights in to solve common challenges on a project-by-project basis
  • A means for businesses and the public sector to test innovative solutions and market based business models
  • A resource to give inventors and academics better access to business data for co- creation.

What good looks like when we proto-type and visualize depends on:

  • Your big data solution
  • Effect on business
  • Effect on society as a whole and citizens
  • Innovative use of data
  • Time to market

Our vision for 2025!

In 2013 we showcased for the G8 delegation our vision for 2025: How open innovation and Big Data drives smarter cities via sensors and the Internet of Things - catalyzed by markets for innovation and technology and a digital sharing revolution. It was storyboarded by our BIC partners and represent a collective view. 

You can find it on our home page 

Each year we aim host events at, or to participate in, BIG DATA WEEK: Global Festival of Data taking place across a dozen global cities and streamed on the Internet

Have you joined the Digital Sharing Revolution?

Get involved in our HACKWEEKS and crack your technology, market and business challenges using Big Data!

How to take part?


Powered by HACKMASTERS’ speed and focus we crack technology, market and business challenges using Big Data.

  • We confront what is considered hard or impossible.
  • We curate data that bring insights and provide the trusted environment to explore, experiment and exploit new big data enabled technology

The HACKWEEKS are based on multi-disciplinary collaboration, bringing together your people with handpicked talent from our network

We convene different types of HACKWEEK depending on your requirements

TANGIBLE OUTCOME HACK with rapid PROTOTYPING in just one week!

If you are interested in …

1. …what's in your market right now, we improve your existing solution with the application of Big Data: 

2. …what's going to happen tomorrow, we expand and transform your existing solution with new features using Big Data


If you are interested in …

3. …what is going to disrupt your market in the future, we see how Big Data creates non-obvious solutions beyond current business models


We confront regulation and policy big data issues. This activity includes research and policy workshops on how the policy regime could be shifted from data control to supporting the kind of business model your big data use case points to. These discussions include Big Innovation Centre partners, the UK Public Data Group, the UK Intellectual Property Office, and EU agents (Digital Single market discussion). 

This could mean a shift from policies around controlling the data itself to governing the uses of data, and empowerment of citizens. It could include researching ideas of ‘privacy commons’, a charter on what can be done with personal and business data, ‘fair use’ of personal and business data, and an ‘opt-in unless you opt-out’ approach to personal and business data disclosure.

Contact Hub Director, Helen Lawrence:



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