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Innovative high-growth companies are the life-blood of the economy of the United Kingdom and globally, but they face significant challenges in accessing the necessary funding to support their growth. We do not believe this is because of a lack of funding capacity in the market. This is an information gap – a risk and validation gap – not a funding gap.

To bridge that gap companies seeking funding need to address two systemic issues. The first is to ensure that they are properly investment ready; that the business model (and the intangible assets which drive it) is well developed and well presented. 

The second is to achieve access to the right sources of finance. The marketplace for growth finance is fragmented and opaque. Historically entrepreneurs have used their own personal networks to develop funding leads but this is neither efficient nor effective.

What if a digital platform could be developed which guides companies through the investment readiness process, referring them to trusted service providers as required to ensure they are as well-prepared as possible, before identifying and introducing the optimal shortlist of potential funders based upon visibility of the entire financing market?

This was Quantiply’s vision, and it is now a reality at www.quantiply.co.

How It Works

Innovative high-growth companies can join the process through the website, accessing a wide range of investment readiness services and useful information and community features. We take companies through the Quantiply Investment Panel to assess their readiness, and provide dashboards with suggestions of how the investor proposition can be enhanced.

And once the company is ready to move to the next stage we introduce them to carefully selected providers of equity, debt or alternative finance using our whole-of-market data sourced internally and from trusted third party providers.

We automate everything that can be automated, enabling us to scale up and serve large numbers of companies at any one time. And because we are constantly introducing companies to funders, our match-making ability gets better and better. We thus maximise success rates for companies seeking funding, at the same time as providing better-qualified and better-prepared leads to investors.

Quantiply in the Regions

London has a highly-developed infrastructure for growth companies seeking services and funding. This is why Quantiply is spending as much time as possible out of London, focusing on those markets where growth company financing is less efficient, where the community of service providers, angels, VC’s, accelerators and intermediaries is less developed. We are rolling out virtual hubs across the UK in 2016, starting with Scotland and Manchester and eventually covering all other regions where a critical mass of innovative growth companies can be found.

We help build interaction between entrepreneurs and the local and national community of finance and service providers, breaking down imaginary boundaries of information and perception.

Use the offer code QPY49722 to start your funding journey

Are You Right for Quantiply?

Quantiply helps companies whose business models are primarily driven by innovation and technology and which have high growth aspirations.

Companies may be looking for their first third party funding round of £250,000, or for a Series B round of £5,000,000. We are sector-agnostic.

The Quantiply process is free to join. Quantiply charges a success fee when funding occurs.

How to take part?

  • Big Innovation Centre partners: Quantiply works alongside your in-house incubator or accelerator to help optimise funding outcomes for early-stage businesses.
  • Funding providers (debt, equity or alternative): Quantiply provides you with well-prepared and well-qualified leads. Contact us to ensure we understand your funding criteria in detail.
  • Accelerators and incubators: Quantiply works with you in a collaborative manner to enable you to achieve more with the resources you have available to support your companies
  • Regional Business Growth Hubs and LEP’s: Quantiply partners with you to build the community of innovators and finance providers, generating long-term economic benefit and keeping home-grown companies in-region.
  • Service Providers: Quantiply is building a community of regional and national service providers - IP protection and valuation, legal, accounting, insurance, marketing and communications, mentoring, recruitment and team building and many more. We are also building a Freelancers’ Forum. Join us to benefit from referrals from companies on our platform – and to refer companies to us as well.


Birgitte Andersen: b.andersen@biginnovationcentre.com

Matt Johnson: matt@quantiply.co




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