Blockchain Live

Friday, 26 October 2018 - Wednesday, 26 September 2018

APPG Blockchain and Secretariat Big Innovation Centre have partnered up with Blockchain Live this year.

Blockchain Live is the UK&’s leading event for blockchain technology and aims to connect innovators, influencers and investors to aid the adoption and drive growth in the marketplace and take blockchain to the mainstream. The event affords you the opportunity to meet more than 3000 senior decision makers and specialists from leading organisations in sectors such as; finance, banking, insurance, the public sector and energy that we have identified as ready to adopt or implement blockchain.
Bringing together delegates from key sectors looking to embrace and adopt distributed ledger technology. Sectors include: Financial Services, Logistics, Supply Chain, Insurance, Charities, Higher and Further Education, Manufacturing, Energy, Construction, Transport, Central & Local Government and Healthcare.

Some of the confirmed speakers for Blockchain Live 2018 include:

  • Professor Birgitte Andersen, CEO, Big Innovation Centre
  • Nick Szabo, Creator of Smart Contracts
  • Oliver Bussmann, CEO, Bussmann Advisory
  • The Rt Hon Grant Schapps MP, Chair, All Party Parlimentary Group for Blockchain
  • Simon Taylor, Co-Founder, 11:FS

Blockchain live 2018 can provide you with a unique platform where you are able to communicate your story in an intimate manner through thought leadership presentation speaker slots, keynote speaker presentations, and panel discussions.


Click here to find out more https://blockchainlive.com/

Digital Innovations in Mental Health

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

This Governance & Policy workshop is the first opening workshop of an AI Global Governance Commission. 

Led by:
Gosia Loj, AI Global Governance Commission Lead, Big Innovation Centre, UK; Niki Iliadis, Innovation and Policy Manager, Big Innovation Centre & All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on AI; Niamh McDade, Senior Policy and Communications Executive, Royal Society of Public Health & APPG on young people & social media; APPG on psychology (tbc) 

We will rethink the duality of our world in which the 18th Century institutions and governance structures along with outdated principles and “truths” still largely and legally organise our society. 
The society which in parallel to physical boundaries of a country mostly functions online. The one where Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) offer us a completely new structure of self-organised, open, distributed, secure, self-reflexive (ODESS) systems to live by and Artificial Intelligence allows for a reinvention of humanity. 
Questions and comparison: 
1. What can we imagine instead of applying market thinking to all sectors of society? E.g. Society based on exchange networks focused on relationships to deliver stability instead of competition to deliver economic growth based on markets rules. 
2. What can be a new incentive model for purpose and sustainability, ethical decision-making and trusted relations other than economic gain? 
 3. What can we imagine instead of reforming processes of the bygone era, such as: voting, legislation, licensing, litigation, regulatory procedures? E.g. Digital technologies on open networks based on inherently experimental, empirical and technologically based systems, as opposed to presumptions that social realities are based on perfect information and rational consumers. 

The Future with AI: Threat or Boon to Humanity?

Friday, 24 June 2016

Do join our debate chaired by Will Hutton, author of 'How Good We Can Be', on The Future with AI: Will it be good for us? Our panel of thought leaders includes:

Charles Collis -- Head of Robotics Research, Dyson
Saher Sidhom -- Founder of HACKMASTERS, business futurist and AI evangelist
Francesca Warner -- Associate, Downing Ventures and leading AI investor
Professor Michael Wooldridge -- Head of Computing Science, University of Oxford and leading expert on AI


The UK has a wealth of capability in AI techniques and their application, but a future with AI raises many questions.

Will AI really take our jobs or augment them?
If the UK doesn’t lead, who else will?
Will AI lead to the concentration of power into a small number of hands?
Which is our biggest worry – smart machines or dumb machines?

In this 90 minute debate our panel of thought leaders will address your questions. They will discuss the safeguards that might be needed to ensure a responsible and ethical approach towards the applications of AI technologies.

The debate will be followed by refreshments and networking.

This debate launches The Future with AI -- a one year programme jointly run by BIG INNOVATION CENTRE, HACKMASTERS and KTN. Through a range of activities across the year we aim to challenge perceptions of AI, to stimulate the UK's capacity to innovate in this area and to better inform policy developments.


Please email a question you would like to put to the panel to Helen Lawrence: h.lawrence@biginnovationcentre.com

The Future of Water: hackweek tackling water scarcity

Monday, 7 March 2016 - Friday, 11 March 2016

Creating a difference requires new methods of collaboration, an aptitude for challenging conventional thinking and a curiosity to explore and uncover unexpected outcomes. The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Unilever, Big Innovation Centre and HACKMASTERS are coming together in March 2016 to investigate one of the most significant global challenges of the coming decades – water scarcity. A diverse group of experts in their fields – including data scientists, environmental scientists, designers and technologists – will be exploring the potential to combine datasets with creative talent and insight. Our aim is to find innovative solutions to early prediction of drought.

UK Digital Summit on Policy and Business for a Smart Society

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Smart UK is disrupting the way we live, work and play. The opportunity is immense, but the connections and culture to drive an innovation revolution are still lacking. During this one-day event, speakers from some of the UK's most innovative businesses and public organisations provided thought leadership on how we can become a great deal more agile and effective at co-innovating a smarter UK.

Networked Europe: the way to smarter innovation!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Panel discussion about taking technology innovation into a wider perspective hosted by Juniper Networks with panel moderated by Will Hutton, Chair, Big Innovation Centre

The panelists were:

Juniper Networks

Prof. Birgitte Andersen – CEO & CoCreator, Big Innovation Centre

Jean-Benoit Ritz – Head of UK R&D, EDF Energy

Juliet Scott-Croxford – Director, Commercial Operations, Guardian Media Group

Christian Erlandson – VP, European Sales, Dun & Bradstreet

Fast Forward 2025: The Big Innovation Centre at the G8 Innovation Conference

Friday, 14 June 2013

Big Innovation Centre was proud to be showcased as part of the G8 Innovation Conference in 2013. The visit to the Big Innovation Centre was fast forwarded to 2025. Delegates were shown the UK as a thriving global open innovation and investment hub. This is the vision shared by the world leading organisations which make up the Big Innovation Centre.