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Intellectual Property created by our companies, entrepreneurs and universities has become the new foundation of progressive economies, but there are no standardized IP market institutions (as there are in markets for capital, land and labour). Up until now IP tended to be traded in a ponderous bespoke manner using costly IP professionals, acting on behalf of the traders in an exponentially growing and increasingly chaotic IP environment. 

Due to the lack of a common IP marketplace:

  • Companies and organizations exchange their IP at low speed and high legal cost.
  • Technology- and IP-rich companies and entrepreneurs aiming to grow their markets and create the jobs and wellbeing we can only dream of take on expensive personal loans or sell off equity too quickly for the wrong reasons, as opposed to releasing growth finance from their intellectual capital.
  • Universities are often not capable of commercializing their IP effectively, because of the lack of a suitable marketplace for their innovations.
  • Investors are unfamiliar with IP as an investment option, but high growth companies have 74% more intangible assets and IP on their balance sheet (compared to non high-growth firms). Recognized evidence from national governments and financial agencies show that they fail to get the growth finance they need. There are massive investment opportunities.

This is a long-term global problem. There have been attempts at improvements from North America and Asia – but IP agents in this space have remained small, often local or gone out of business. Attempts have focused on either inventing new patent licensing systems or investing in human resource-heavy work related to closing contracts or to people and technology matchmaking.

A standardized and automated online approach

Our aim is to build upon existing practices of IP trade and IP governance, but with a standardized and automated online approach, while complying with national and international IP regulations. Just as users of Facebook, eBay, Amazon and even the New York Stock Exchange agree to abide by a set of ground rules, so everyone trading IP could and should adopt a standard set of terms and conditions.

Our standard transaction framework revolutionises the market for IP assignment and licensing by injecting speed and efficiency and routines into the process. Using our user-friendly e-trading platform for IP markets our approach offers transparency in IP search, IP classification, IP negotiation, pricing and other contract terms.

For example, currently the situation is that IP offices have inventors of patents listed but not the owners who want to sell or license. There is no authorized institution which easily helps owners to offer their IP for sale or licensing, or which helps customers to drill down to find what they need. As a consequence, neither price nor any other of the terms of contract in IP trade is a straightforward matter but requires huge costs to settle. Standardisation and transparency make it easier to value IP and thus convert IP into cash IP.

Organisations trading on the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY EXCHANGE can become agile and operate on a global basis. 

How to take part?

Ways INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY EXCHANGE Ltd.  can enable growth companies, individual creators, universities, large corporates and IP brokers

SUPPORT BUSINESS IP ECOSYSTEMS by providing a mix of a ‘business IP-dating site’ to connect businesses and an ‘eBay/Amazon’ style IP-market for capabilities, services and IP-products.This can drive innovation performance by ensuring businesses can source innovation and select the most appropriate solution. Small businesses can showcase their IP and gain a route to market. Large corporations can identify innovation partners and sources of IP. The Digital Platform creates a wider digital marketplace which facilitates the success of the most innovative solutions.

ENFORCE HIGH-SPEED AND LOW-COST IP COMMERCE THROUGH STANDARDIZATION, AUTOMATION AND E-COMMERCE IN A BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS IP MARKETPLACE: Cost savings for all types of IP commerce: Patents ● Copyright ● Trademarks ● Trade Secrets ● Designs ● Technology ● Research Collaborations ● Know-how

BUILD PUBLIC AND PRIVATE DIGITAL IP-PAVILIONS, where businesses can connect on requirements and the available IP to meet the business needs.

BUILD NETWORKS OF IP CLUSTERS OF  – digital technology, satellite applications, artificial intelligence, low carbon, energy systems, water, precision medicine, cell therapy, high value manufacturing, transport systems and FinTech – The global challenge to Silicon Valley and Boston as high-tech hubs.

REQUEST AN IP REPORT ANNUALLY: This will allow: Better IP inventory management; Opportunity to seek funds from lenders and investors, including the stock market; and Opportunity to recapture value to credit agencies and the nation in the event of default

IP DATA-ANALYTICS: Will provide better insight into IP match-making,  inter-disciplinary research, IP co-ventures and IP price structures in various IP markets.

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