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We are co-creating labs with labs - there are many open innovation lab initiatives, a lot of investment in intangibles, processes and people - but what does good look like?

A brave new world 

Labs, innovation gateways, design spaces and accelerators have become a popular way for companies to innovate and re-innovate their business models, product markets, and networks. They come in many guises – although heterogeneous, all are recognisably new forms of open collaboration. But how to do openness in an era of uncertainty?

Over the last five years an increasing number of companies from a wide range of industries have begun to experiment with novel collaborative ways of how they do business and even think – from researching new products to re-configuring how they approach business. They are becoming semi-outsiders, forming external relationships in order to co-create with others, enlisting expertise and capabilities outside the company. Open labs are the means to that end. This allows cross-fertilisation from other business models and technologies, not to mention opportunities for cost saving and minimising the chance of making expensive mistakes.

But this new landscape, although rich with possibility, is prone to new vulnerabilities.

We collect the best ideas from the world’s open labs and blueprint best practices

We are offering a platform enabling businesses and others to understand the pros and cons of various approaches to open labs, to IP management and why different strategies are applied in different contexts. We develop typologies of labs and design how openness is conceived and approached and how financial paybacks should be calculated. We get under the skin of what works and why.

The Big Innovation Centre’s global innovation project – called the ‘Lab of Labs’ – explores ‘what good looks like’ in the many types of labs. Intelligence gathering is in key areas:

  • How partners are selected and networks created
  • How Intellectual Property is managed
  • How lab funding and business models are embedded into the wider organization
  • How physical space, pop-up labs, and virual labs are designed
  • How people are managed in open innovation structures
  • How overall performance is addressed

The intelligence and evidence is gathered from a big data interactive survey tool, interacting with labs globally alongside indepth interviews and case studies, in particular seeking to investigate how the great socio-economic challenges can galvanize and animate open labs. We are running knowledge exchange workshops across labs, and there will be an international conference in 2016.

Click here to take the Lab of Labs Survey


How to take part?


Click here to take the Lab of Labs Survey

Our online tool-kit is collecting data of different open innovation strategies within different types of open labs globally. 

You can participate and learn from the journey. 

The Lab of Labs tool-kit 1:0 is designed with corporate labs in mind, but public labs, science parks and suchlike are also invited to participate.

Focus is on 

  • JOINT-RESEARCH LABS for technology acceleration in technology and innovation centres or in university-business collaborations
  • LIVING LABS for customer co-creation or use-cases of what works organizations prototype, test and assess.
  • SOCIETAL INNOVATION LABS to embed change within a community with the community for a social purpose  
  • INNOVATION GATEWAYS, ACCELERATORS & INCUBATORS for start-up and scale-up support


In our knowledge exchange co-creation events we share best practice and what works.

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