We will create higher level problem solving skills among academics and co-creation skills among people in companies. Doctoral researchers or post docs at one of our leading universities will respond to an Open Innovation challenge, and have open innovation placements in up to four Big Innovation Centre companies.

Big Innovation Centre will introduce a fellowship scheme in which students, doctoral researchers or early careers academics / post docs at our leading university partners, responding to an Open Innovation challenge, have open innovation placements in up to four Big Innovation Centre companies. The aim is to create higher level problem solving skills among academics and co- creation skills among people in companies and future leaders.

We will convene the rotation of students / doctoral researchers / early careers academics / post docs responding to an Open Innovation challenge between several of the Big Innovation Centre partners:

  • This could, for example, be before starting their employment with one of the partners or one of the universities.
  • The interdisciplinary open innovation challenge solved by the PhD student, should preferably be interdisciplinary and include two or more categories (e.g. engineering, life sciences, finance, law, strategy).

The scheme will upgrade higher level skills involving:

  • Insight into the breadth of technological, organizational and strategic problems, by candidates researching and working in areas that are outside their specialism.
  • Disruption to normal ways of thinking, integrating learning from several industries, to develop and learn creative, flexible innovative thinking styles.

An aim is:

  • To build a cadre of high quality and adaptable corporate leaders and researchers necessary for the future.
  • Upgrade early career development to be fit-for-purpose.

This is a new initiative. We will develop flexible procedures for managing this scheme with the participants. We expect it to run around open innovation challenges and competitions. It will be led by one of our partner universities.

Please note that the need for co-creation skills and versions of the idea are also acknowledged in the EU report ‘Boosting open innovation and knowledge transfer in the European Union’ of the European Commission, in which Big Innovation Centre has played a part as our CEO and CoCreator, Birgitte Andersen, was recently the Rapporteur for the EU Expert group (set up by DG Research and Innovation) on knowledge transfer and open innovation to the European Commission. The same is acknowledged in the Big Innovation Centre report commissioned by the Intellectual Property Office ‘Collaborate to Innovate: How businesses work with universities to generate knowledge and drive innovation’.

How to take part?

  • As Big Innovation Centre partner: You can co-develop the Fellowship Scheme with us and benefit from unlimited participation.
  • Invite yourself or your organization: If you want yourself or your organization to participate in the Fellowship Scheme, contact us to become a partner of the Big Innovation Centre.

Contact Hub Director, Helen Lawrence: