Big Innovation Centre is sustained by its partners, with annual membership fees of £80,000 per year to secure full participation and a seat on the Steering Group. 50% can be in kind, such as through staff secondment two days per week. Most of the partners make this commitment to full participation. Others participate in specific projects. The Steering Group of partners and selected external advisors meets quarterly as a consultative body, to co-develop the broad strategy, oversee the mission and to receive regular updates on thinking and projects.

Each of our partner organisations designates an Innovation Activist to act as the day-to-day point of contact for Big Innovation Centre communications and to champion open innovation within their organisation. Some organisations second a member of staff on a part-time or project basis to act as an innovator in residence, leading on a specific project in their area of expertise. For example, GSK is currently seconding a Vice President of Strategy to lead the Health+ action group, and the Science and Technology Facilities Council is seconding their Innovation Manager to act as Ambassador to the Research Councils.

Big Innovation Centre accepts commissions to undertake bespoke research where the project fits well with our mission. Examples include research undertaken for the Intellectual Property Office on university–business interactions, and for Innovate UK / Economic and Social Research Council / and the Institute for Engineering and Technology on developing performance metrics for the UK’s Catapult centres.

As an exemplar of open innovation Big Innovation Centre is always seeking opportunities to undertake projects jointly with organizations that share our vision. Big Innovation Centre recently worked, for example, with the Digital Catapult on studying the feasibility of developing a Trusted Data Accelerator. 


Antony Jenkins, Former Group Chief Executive, Barclays

“As I said when Barclays first joined the Big Innovation Centre, I want to put innovation right back at the heart of our business for the benefit of our customers. Our own co-creation days and our renewed emphasis on supporting innovation and entrepreneurs have been catalysed by our Big Innovation Centre membership. We look forward to working with the team in 2014 and beyond.”
December 2013

Rt Hon David Willetts MP, British MP, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

“There could not have been a better place for me to launch the Government's Innovation and Growth Strategy in 2011 than the Big Innovation Centre. Since then the Big Innovation Centre has gone on to do invaluable research on how universities and businesses can become co-creators for growth. I was also pleased to address their global Triple Helix Conference in 2013, where it was gratifying to see such a large international audience with the shared mission to bring businesses, universities and governments together to co-innovate and solve economic, social and technological challenges.”
December 2013


Dr Jonathan Hague

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