Find out more details and contact information about any of our people by clicking on their picture. We are fortunate to be working closely with some visiting fellows who build on expert knowledge from a range of fields related to innovation and entrepreneurship. These visiting fellows are also listed below. To find out more about our Steering Group, Research Board and Thought Leaders click on one of the buttons below.

Professor Birgitte Andersen
CEO & CoCreator
Kevin Baughan
Director of Technology and Innovation, Innovate UK
Dr Ewan Birney
Thought Leader: Bioinformatics
Professor Margaret Boden
Thought Leader: Artificial intelligence
Sayali Borole
Business Researcher
Dr Neil Bradshaw
Director of Enterprise, University of Bristol
Vint Cerf
Thought Leader: the Internet
James Chandler
Managing Director – Corporate & Technology, Red Consultancy
Clare Chapman
Non-Executive Director, Kingfisher
Tony Clayton
Chair of Research Board, Big Innovation Centre and former Chief Economist, Intellectual Property Office
John Coombs
Chair of Governing Board, Big Innovation Centre and Managing Director, Unilever Ventures
Chiara Criscuolo
Senior Economist in the OECD Structural Policy division of the Science Technology and Innovation Directorate
Ananda Cumarasamy
Finance Operations Manager
Solomon Darwin
Professor and Executive Director, Garwood Centre for Corporate Innovation, University of California at Berkeley
Gordon Duff
Thought Leader: Medicines
Evert Geurtsen
The Innovators Board Member
Antony Gormley
Thought Leader: Public art
Brian Gribben
The Innovators Board Member
Simon Guy
Dean of Faculty, Lancaster University
Dr Jonathan Hague
VP Open Innovation, Unilever Research and Development
Andy Haldane
Thought Leader: Economics
Wendy Hall
Thought Leader: Computer science
Demis Hassabis
Thought Leader: Neuroscience and gaming
Dan Hodges
Head of Economics and Evidence, Innovate UK
Will Hutton
Chair, Big Innovation Centre Steering Group
Niki Iliadis
Business Intelligence Researcher in Open Innovation
Mohit Joshi
The Innovators Board Member
Soren Kaplan
Thought Leader: Disruptive businesses
Valerie Keller
The Innovators Board Member
Charles Kerrigan
The Innovators Board Member
Professor Angus Laing
The Innovators Board Member
Martha Lane Fox
Thought Leader: Digital inclusion and entrepreneurship
Mike Lynch
Thought Leader: Data analytics and entrepreneurship
Xavier Mamo
Director EDF Energy R&D UK Centre
Dan McManus
Software Developer
Colin Melvin
The Innovators Board Member
Michelle Miao
Strategic Assistant
Richard Noble
Thought Leader: Engineering and land speed
María Patricia Ponce
Project Manager, The Purposeful Company & Intangible Gold
Dr Tony Raven
Chief Executive, Cambridge Enterprise
Richard Rogers
Thought Leader: High-tech architecture
Kate Ronayne
Head of Innovation at the Science and Technology Facilities Council
Dominic Rossi
The Innovators Board Member
Noel Sharkey
Thought Leader: Robotics
Pradeep Sindhu
Thought Leader: Digital networks
Paul Spence
The Innovators Board Member
Jaan Tallinn
Thought Leader: Programming
Nick Trigg
Ambassador to the Research Councils, Big Innovation Centre and Innovation Manager at STFC
Ajay Vij
The Innovators Board Member
Professor Ian Walmsley
Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, University of Oxford
Chris Warkup
The Innovators Board Member
Rosa Wilkinson
Innovation Director, Intellectual Property Office
David Willetts
Thought Leader: Great technologies
Dr Ruth Yeoman
Big Innovation Centre Fellow and Co-Ordinator of Intangible Gold