The hub of innovative companies and organizations, thought leaders and 'what works' open innovators. 


Launched in September 2011, Big Innovation Centre exists to build a global innovation and investment hub by 2025, create great companies, and make the world more purposeful and inclusive through the enormous potential of technology, creativity and innovation.


In all the things we do our work is underpinned by five values: Purpose, Ambition, Openness, Excellence, Access. 

Our values are ingrained in our name:
BIG - Relentlessly ambitious
INNOVATION - Experts in the enterprise potential of 21st century technology
CENTRE - Centre of excellence


  1. Big Innovation Centre is the only organization fostering high level collaboration between leading businesses, world class universities and governments aimed at unlocking their innovative capability. We test and realize our commercial and public purpose ideas in a non-competitive and neutral environment. We act as catalysts in co-shaping our innovation and business model strategies so that they are both practical and intellectually grounded.
  2. We democratize access to knowledge, ideas and creativity globally by building the world's most user-friendly marketplace for large firms, growth companies, entrepreneurs and individual creators trading patents, copyright, design, knowhow, creativity and collaborative research projects.
  3. We promote enterprise growth through enhancing the flow of finance to innovative growth companies. Here we crowd in the financial ecosystem to deliver combined solutions to the business scale-up crisis. IP badged products and services are at the heart.
  4. We run a campaign on why companies must declare their purpose, unlock their intangibles, and become better open innovators. Here we provide audit-solutions for businesses and regions to monitor their innovative capability.
  5. We create awareness of what business models it takes to succeed, and influence politics and public opinion by bringing innovation into the mainstream media and the public eye.


We are thought leaders, connectors and doers
We disrupt, collaborate and create
We solve some of the biggest societal and business challenges that no organization or individual can solve alone
We identify solutions through evidence-based research and ‘what works’ testing
We have a passion for results


We honour different perspectives, share ideas and common goals
Communication, open mindedness, trust and transparency are the building blocks of innovation
The best solutions emerge - if you let them
Employees are most engaged, and their talent is best unlocked, when they feel empowered to complete their responsibilities with autonomy
Opt-in leadership is the best way to achieve the purpose, so organizational structures must emerge naturally
Task and solution focused, as opposed to process focused


Quirky not clichéd
Positive not negative
Benefits not features
Interactive not didactic
Active not passive
Future not past oriented

 CEO and CoCreator Birgitte Andersen's visionary launch blog when the Big Innovation Centre launched in London (6 September 2011)

"The first flush of the digital economy boom is over. The online economy has reached maturity and the online world is as natural a habitat for business, commerce, education, entrepreneurship and social networks as bricks and mortar were for 20th century societies. Business models and regulation have adjusted in line with the opportunities of a progressive communication infrastructure and the digital divide – which for decades had separated the online haves and have-nots by their ability to adopt, use and exploit high-quality digital service – has closed completely.

Inequality has been starkly reduced in other areas too: exponential leaps in technology innovation in areas such as the low-carbon economy, renewable energy, life sciences and health economics have massively boosted sustainable growth and jobs, catalysing greater social mobility and revolutionising the quality of life for all groups within society.

Close collaborative innovation networks comprising global corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, banks, research organisations, education institutions and the now highly enterprising state have become embedded as the natural approach to doing good business. In Britain, myriad such networks are striving together to maintain the UK’s unparalleled position as a global hub for innovation. Despite their achievements, these networks do not rest on their laurels, but look to leap again into new waves of technology and innovation for the good of society.

This is not a dream, but the Big Innovation Centre’s vision of Britain in 2025."



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