About Us

Our Purpose

Big Innovation Centre: The hub of innovative companies and organisations, thought leaders and ‘what works’ open innovators.

Launched in September 2011, Big Innovation Centre exists to build a global innovation hub by 2025, create great companies, and make the world more purposeful and inclusive through the enormous potential of technology, creativity and innovation.

  • We are a business-backed innovation hub that provides thought leadership, research and consulting services for big companies and public bodies to address shared economic challenges and raise their innovative capabilities.
  • We convene innovation champions in companies, government and world class universities, thinking forward about how to promote innovation and the best use of intellectual property, in particular through co-creating open innovation eco-systems and communities, and piloting digital platforms where they see gaps and opportunities.
  • We create more purposeful, mission-driven organisations, which we think are a key part of the innovation landscape.

How We Make it Happen

Our open innovation and ecosystem approach

We are world leading the TOP 10 NEW approaches and new skills required, as implementors of the future:

This Is How We Do It


  • thought lead and convene,
  • horizon-scan and prototype what works,
  • pioneer digital solutions,
  • showcase (provide use-cases),
  • provide consultancy services.


  • We are thought leaders, connectors and doers
  • We disrupt, collaborate and create
  • We solve some of the biggest societal and business challenges that no organization or individual can solve alone
  • We identify solutions through evidence-based research and ‘what works’ testing
  • We have a passion for results


We have suitable research labs, office and events space plus cutting-edge IT equipment with support.
Our spaces are conveniently located in central London next to UK Parliament Square; and in central Riyadh, as well as the business bay of Dubai

Co-Creation Is At Our Heart

We offer an approach of

  • Open interaction across disciplines, industries, organisations and occupations
  • Catalytic processed that are both practical and intellectually grounded
  • Cross-fertilisation of ideas, common cutting edge insights and knowledge for all
  • Active engagement of our partners and stakeholders along with the development of our in-house talent
  • Meaningful interaction that generates practical value, including how to evaluate and manage risk
  • Equipped to support evidence based co-created business strategy or public policy development


  • Quirky not clichéd
  • Positive not negative
  • Benefits not features
  • Interactive not didactic
  • Active not passive
  • Future not past oriented

Our Culture


In all the things we do our work is underpinned by five values: Purpose, Ambition, Openness, Excellence, Access.

Our values are ingrained in our name:

  • BIG – Relentlessly ambitious
  • INNOVATION – Experts in the enterprise potential of 21st century technology
  • CENTRE – Centre of excellence

The team uphold Big Innovation Centre core values and demonstrate a drive to help fulfil the company’s mission to make the world more purposeful and inclusive through the enormous potential of technology, creativity and innovation.


  • We honour different perspectives, share ideas and common goals
  • Communication, open mindedness, trust and transparency are the building blocks of innovation
  • The best solutions emerge – if you let them
  • Employees are most engaged, and their talent is best unlocked, when they feel empowered to complete their responsibilities with autonomy
  • Opt-in leadership is the best way to achieve purpose, so organisational structures must emerge naturally
  • Task and solution focused, as opposed to process focused

Our History

Big Innovation Centre launched on 8th of September 2011 as part of The Work Foundation (former Industrial Society) in London (which was acquired in October 2010 by Lancaster University), with Professor Birgitte Andersen as the Director driving the vision and Will Hutton as the Chair driving the public purpose, until it’s demerger on 4th of August 2014 when it became an independent company and relaunched with Birgitte and Will as co-founders.

In August 2018 Big Innovation Centre opened its first franchise in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and in March 2019 it opened its second franchise in Dubai, UAE.

See list of SHOWCASES to follow our journey, including highlights as:

  • In 2013 Big Innovation Centre was chosen by UK Government to be showcased at the G8 Summit delegation visit, because of its successful ‘open innovation ecosystem approach’ to public policy making. This was repeated in 2014 for the Commonwealth delegation visit of 27 nations.
  • In 2018 Big Innovation Centre won Think Tank of the Year 2018 by the Public Affairs Awards (PRCA)


Big Innovation Centre Limited is Registered in England and Wales No. 8613849, and headquartered in London, UK. Offices in London, Riyadh, and Dubai.

  • CEO is Professor Birgitte Andersen
  • Head of Middle East is Dr Hatem Bugshan