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AI Regulation And Face Recognition

11th October 2021 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence 

EVIDENCE SESSION – AI Regulation And Face Recognition


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On behalf of the APPG AI Chairs, Stephen Metcalfe MP and Lord Clement-Jones CBE, and the Secretariat at Big Innovation Centre, we would like to invite you to our Evidence Meeting: AI Regulation and face recognition.

Questions to inspire::

There is the view the AI needs to be strongly regulated from the outset, but also the view that it needs time to evolve, and only needs soft regulation in terms of guidelines and good governance.

● Given AI is still a fast developing and evolving technology does that fact push to key considerations for regulation or softer approaches?
● What should be regulated (if it is not the technology) and what should the soft approaches be?
● What should the regulation map look like for AI?
● What should be an AI-development/adoption guidance map look like if we adopt softer approaches?



Professor Ivan Tyukin, Head of the Visual Intelligence Lab, University of Leicester

Lindsey Chiswick, Director of Intelligence, Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

Dr Peter Wagget, BSI Chair of the IST/44 Biometrics Committee

David Wilkinson, Director Technical Services, British Security Industry Association

Lucy Holmes, Managing Director Omni Telemetry and Associate Partner, 87 Holdings Ltd.

John Buyers, Head of Commercial, Osborne Clarke


There will be 4 to 8 formal Evidence Givers
There will also be an opportunity to share your opinion and raise practical questions.
Press invited
This event will be filmed