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AI And Intellectual Property Rights: IPR Appropriation And Competition

24th January 2022 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence 

EVIDENCE SESSION – AI And Intellectual Property Rights: IPR Appropriation And Competition

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On behalf of the APPG AI Chairs, Stephen Metcalfe MP and Lord Clement-Jones CBE, and the Secretariat at Big Innovation Centre, we would like to invite you to our Evidence Meeting: AI and Intellectual Property Rights: IPR Appropriation and Competition.

Questions to inspire:

● Whilst a great number of patents have been granted for inventions based on machine learning and algorithms, the debate on software patents is still ongoing. The EU software hearing decided to not harmonise IPR markets. In this context, how shall we go forward with appropriation regimes of AI software and machine learning?
● Humans and companies can be awarded patent rights. However, also patent applications to the USPTO have been filed in the name of AI technologies. Should the AI technologies be granted status as owners?
● With different IPR appropriation regimes on software patents across the world, how can we make create an international consensus on IPR regulation of AI?

There will be 4 to 8 formal Evidence Givers
There will also be an opportunity to share your opinion and raise practical questions.
Press invited
This event will be filmed