A showcase of innovative brands and market intelligence for emerging technology 



A Walkthrough of UK’s Innovation Ecosystem

An Experience Zone in Westminster, London. 
The one-stop hub for showcasing market intelligence for emerging technology.

We showcase and build innovative brands for e-commerce, trade or investment. 
We work with brands in every sector: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Crypto, Fintech, Security, Web3, Metaverse, Fashion, Games and Film.


It is time to showcase why anyone should get involved, trade or even invest in you.

Big Innovation Centre is opening a state-of-the-art Experience Zone in Westminster, centred on emerging technology and all the sectors touched by it. It will form a unique business hub for the UK and international entrepreneurial companies, allowing them to show off their innovation capacities, vision, projects, platforms, and customer experiences. We got also got specially designed annual package for ambitious start-ups or growth businesses or those who want to open a new business in the United Kingdom to start working with a huge range of possibilities and opportunities in the British Market.


Big Innovation Centre’s experience zone in London’s Westminster will showcase the best and most successful tech companies and trading platforms in the emerging markets of Blockchain, AI, and Web3. It is designed to become a one-stop hub for market intelligence in these emerging markets. An aim is to facilitate and increase the adoption of their innovations and trading platforms. The companies being showcased can perform electronic trade using their QR codes and weblinks on the billboards. Through the showcasing and associate PR campaign, we are making new innovations tangible, understood and mainstream, by allowing companies to explain their visions, innovations, storytelling and platforms, or how their digital currencies link to their business model or product offering.



We will offer your company to be part of our showcase experiences using our immersive screens, and we will attract a multiplicity of events, exhibitions, activities, visits by trade delegations and press interest, and so form a UK resource for you.

Digital Showcasing with Advertisement fit for enterprises in fast-moving sectors

We will showcase (at street level) your storytelling or digital film advertisements of all your products, innovations, or vision (as you chose) on our digital screens. This is a continuous semi-permanent showcase spread over a period of up to a year. 

There are several screen options available for your showcase (double-side pivoting video walls, multiple screens stand, supersize LED wall, ticker tape) and we will work around your requirements. 

A Business Hub at the Experience Zone

As a showcase partner, you can use our central location in Westminster as your business hub with access to a Business Lounge with a meeting room.

Media Partnership

You can benefit from an extensive internet and social media campaign.

Corporate Events 

We can transform the entire experience zone to fit your brand for your own events on immersive experiences, product launches or celebrations.

Amazing Networking

Big Innovation Centre constantly hosts amazing networking events with our network of business leaders, investors, elite academics, politicians, policymakers, media and our A-list of special guests.

VIP Membership

Get your personal VIP Membership to be on our guest list to join our amazing network.

We also offer a range of value-added services to support you to reach your professional and personal goals in the UK Markets and beyond. If you are interested, you can ask for further details.

Media Production – Look amazing on the billboard

Work with our media centre to create your own digital advertisement video fitting top requirements for billboards, cinema and TV.

Online Marketing Advertising

We can connect you with one hundred thousands of industry professionals, members, and public audiences.

Print Advertisement

We can offer guaranteed reportage advertising media Interviews with leading magazines and the tech press.

Red Carpet

We can guarantee you access to present your brand at some of London’s biggest tech events and UK’s leading film or fashion shows.


Get a first-hand look at the initiatives, visions and technologies that are transforming our geographies, sectors, businesses, cities and citizens.


Know who, what, where, how, the national strategy, and why you should get involved, locate, trade or invest in the UK innovation ecosystem.



Plan your delegation visit now – a great activity on which you can base your trade, investment, business and location decisions!

I am bringing a delegation 

For delegation group visits from government, businesses, investors, or other, please email us indicating your preferred date, and we will get back to you.

(Available from December 2022)

I want to join an ‘open’ delegation 

As an individual delegate, you can join our ‘open delegation visits’.

(Available from December 2022)

I would like a private visit

If you wish to book a private visit, please email us indicating your preferred date, and we will get back to you.,

(Available from December 2022)

I am looking for ‘special showcase events!

We will announce our theme-based showcases, product launches, and more, as they become available – sign up for our mailing list here

If you wish to showcase, please get engaged now.
Our experience zone is opening in December 2022, and favourable showcase packages are available. 


For any inquiries, email: experience@biginnovationcentre.com