Futureproof your business with award-winning digital transformation consulting services – Legal Innovation and Strategy: AI, Blockchain, Web3 and Metaverse 

Futureproof your business with award-winning digital transformation consulting services – Legal Innovation and Strategy: AI, Blockchain, Web3 and Metaverse!

Big Innovation Centre provides businesses and public bodies with legal innovation consultancy and strategy so that they can take full advantage of emerging technology and strengthen their competitiveness or legal compliance in the new normal. Some, simply look for advisory to secure their survival. 

Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Web3, Metaverse
Blockchian, Crypto, NFT, DAO, Decentralised Finance (DeFi), Exchanges

Futureproof Your Business:
Legal Innovation and Strategy 

Headed by our General Counsel, leading British barrister, Flavia Kenyon, our legal and strategic innovation hub is uniquely equipped to address the latest technological developments.  We work with the public and private sector, policymakers, thought leaders, founders, investors, coders, and developers to create pioneering solutions to technological problems and to ensure the safety and creativity of the crypto and DeFi ecosystem in the years to come.

We offer a broad range of services with the main focus on blockchain technology, Web3, the Metaverse, AI, Web2 and online harms, deepfake technology, cybersecurity and data protection.

Consultancy Choices

Blockchain Advocacy

We are strong advocates for blockchain technology to transform all sectors and to create a more ethical, transparent, inclusive, and accountable digital economy.

You can instruct us to prepare and present persuasive blockchain use cases to potential investors or to an existing organisation’s board of directors.

You can also instruct us to advocate for blockchain for Human Rights use cases and prepare strategies to present to NGOs, multi-nationals, governments, and Human Rights organisations.

Web3 Strategy and Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

We are a Web3 advisory par excellence, and offer our unique Decentralisation Playbook for Web3 and Metaverse founders and builders, coders, developers, and blockchain-focused start-ups.

We advise from the moment of inception and formation through to the final stages of a project’s implementation, creating legal solutions and structures for developers and founders on how to efficiently and legally decentralise on and off-chain organisations and activities, and how to embed cyber-security and data protection, digital identity and privacy enhancing technology, legal ownership rights and obligations, AML and KYC measures.   

NFT Strategy

We prepare and present Web3 strategies for tokenisation, and NFT use cases. We believe that NFT technology lies at the convergence of virtual commerce, entertainment, and trading.

It is for this reason that we have created our own NFT Playbook, and have tailored it to fashion brands, gaming, art, film industry, and blockchain-focused start-ups. We advise on the creation of NFT licenses, and contracts.

We focus on building Web3 strategies and projects leveraging NFT technology, and DAO structures to build tokenised consumer products and experiences, to ensure long term value, create unique creative collaborations, empower brands, consumers, and end users, and thus ensure the future of decentralised business models in the Metaverse.

 Exchanges and Crypto-Assets Service Providers

We advise Crypto-Assets Service Providers, centralised and decentralised exchanges and provide a tailored set of services:

  • Up-to-date advice on international regulatory compliance with AML and FATF measures, and implementation of the ‘travel rule’ for cross-border exchanges;
  • Advice on compliance with EU legislation, Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA)
  • Advice on Sanctions compliance;
  • Advice to decentralised protocols to meet the challenges of implementing FATF guidance and AML regulations;
  • Advice on listing coins and tokens;
  • Advice on the legality of issuing specific tokens;
  • Advice on crypto staking
  • Advice on Stablecoins issuance;
  • Advice on cryptocurrency licenses;
  • Advice on data protection and liability from hacks.

Blockchain Strategy

As the authoritative voice on building blockchain strategies for businesses, we have developed our own blockchain strategies that are tailored to the individual client’s needs and use cases.

We offer comprehensive strategies for Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain solutions, and for both public and private blockchain use cases.

Our strategy is expounded in a White Paper we provide to each client. This is an in- depth analysis of blockchain suitability, depending on the sector, from a geo-political, social economic, and legal perspective, and if suitable, it sets out a clear framework for adoption in line with legal, regulatory, ESG, and Human Rights compliance.  

We have a broad engagement and advisory scope from blockchain founders and developers to Web2 UK and multi-national companies, SMEs, brands, NGOs, institutions across all jurisdictions, who want to make the transition to blockchain-powered operations and Web3 innovations.

In line with our overall ethos, we work closely with policy makers and other thought leaders to create legal solutions for blockchain-related disputes and to advise on the best legal structures and practices for blockchain and AI-powered infrastructure, decentralised marketplaces, applications, and decentralised autonomous organisations, (‘DAOs’).

DAO Strategy

We believe DAOs are the building blocks of the future digital economy, so we have built our own DAO Playbook. It focuses on evaluating and building a particular DAO use case, and on the specific challenges this entails, such as:

  • formation, incorporation, legal structures;
  • governance, (accountability);
  • smart contracts, coordination, participation, remuneration;
  • tokenomics  design and regulatory compliance;
  • privacy and security- building digital identity and reputation, adoption and implementation of enhanced privacy tools, (zero-knowledge proofs), and cyber-security protection.

We advise and work with decentralised applications, cross-chains protocols, decentralised exchanges, decentralised mixers, decentralised oracles, self-custody wallet providers in order to understand the challenges they face and to help them minimise cybersecurity risks and liability exposure arising from hacks, and to build compliance risk strategies whilst enabling privacy- preserving issuance and validation of KYC credentials.

DeFi Staking and the Metaverse

We advise on DeFi staking, including NFT staking and fractional ownership, which are key building tools embraced by brands and consumers in the Metaverse.

We advise on building strategies for fashion and gaming brands, NFT artists, and marketplaces, and other blockchain start-ups to prepare for making the transition to Web3 and the Metaverse.


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