Futureproof your knowledge and strategy with award-winning digital transformation consulting services: The pathway to lead in a tech-driven future!


Futureproof your knowledge and strategy with the help of leading academics, industry experts and our award winning innovation think-tank!

Big Innovation Centre provides businesses and public bodies with digital transformation strategies so that they can take full advantage of emerging technology and strengthen their competitiveness or performance in the new normal.

2021 is the time to develop your digital transformation strategy, building upon best practice evidence or ‘what works’ from high-performance organisations.

Futureproof Your Business: Lead Digital Transformation

No one could have predicted where 2020 would take us. This year produced more digital transformation than we would have expected for a decade. Businesses need to adapt to survive in the new normal, and high performance means digital transformation at speed. But what does good looks like?

Big Innovation Centre’s network is at the forefront, and we hold exceptionally high insights and knowledge to help you lead in an era of digital transformation. 

Recognition and Award-winning:

Big Innovation Centre received the prestigious annual listing of 5 Top Digital Transform Consulting / Service companies in the UK 2020 by CIO Applications Europe Magazine. Furthermore, the company was awarded the Leading Specialist for Inspiring Innovation – UK by London Enterprise Awards 2020. Previously the company was awarded think-tank of the year for two years running, by the PRCA Public Affairs awards for 2018 and 2019. 

Book a Digital Transformation Consultation

Discover your organisation’s ‘digital transformation strategy’ readiness and compare your results with the ‘best practice’ insights from world-renowned thought leaders in strategic management, entrepreneurship, and organisation theory.

We will focus on your organisation’s innovative capability in your business model strategy, your product markets, and your innovative ways of managing cost efficiency. The focus will also be on your entrepreneurial capacity and culture, and how well your organisation adapt to change. Finally, how innovatively your organisation exploits its networks and your impact on society and the economy at a whole will also be addressed.  

At the end of the session, your organisation’s digital transformation readiness will be revealed and you can use the results to build your future strategy.

We provide consulting services for companies and public bodies, tailored to their specific needs.

Consulting service choices:

Executive Presentation to your Board and Leadership

… on best practice design of digital transformation strategies for high-performance companies, and consultant how you can strengthen or build a strategy applicable for your organisation. We will also reflect on opportunities and challenges your organisation faces.

Excellent addition to a Board meeting. Online and onsite are equally suitable contexts. 

Presentation to senior management from strategy, marketing and sales, HR, operations, product development, R&D, and other departments. 

… on best practice design of digital transformation strategies for high-performance companies, and discuss your vision on your future organisation and how digital transformation is best managed.

Excellent addition to an away-day or strategy day. Online and onsite are equally suitable contexts

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– a great activity for your organisation to lead the pathway in a tech-driven future. 

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