Join The Innovators Board!

Gain Access to the network that’s
shaping the future with AI & Blockchain.

Gain Access to the network that’s
shaping the future with AI & Blockchain

Big Innovation Centre’s network is one of the most sophisticated and high-level networks in the world of technology and innovation.

Big Innovation Centre’s network provides our members with:
A peer network of business leaders, politicians, regulators, global C-Suite and executives of major corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, academics and policy makers.
Opportunity to impact the financial, social, political and regulatory future with AI, Blockchain and other emerging technologies.
Ability to access and contribute to thought leadership and knowledge transfer.
Access to unique events, showcases, receptions, topic debates, evidence forums and our legendary annual Spring Party.


The Innovators Board

The Innovators Board is the Premium Membership network of Big Innovation Centre, which exists to provide insights to business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers to (1) futureproof your knowledge and business model to help you lead in the new normal, (2) build your network, and (3) implement more purposeful societies and a better world. The current focus is on the effect of digital transformation, technology disruption, and the social movements impacting our markets and workplaces. Not to understand them and build them into your business model or leadership insight, is to commit business suicide or professional irrelevance. If you are not alive to them, you are not part of the future.

Through our Membership platform, peer networks, events, thought-leading research, publications and professional training programmes we connect our Members with the world’s top innovators and influencers, to share experiences and insights around deep-dive topics which can help you lead in the new normal.

We have a specifically designed 2021-2022 Programme for the Board Members:

Leadership Programme on “Creative Disruption and Social Movements”, with world-renowned speakers, innovators and influencers and briefing documents for the board members.
Two bespoke Professional Training Courses, to futureproof your business strategy for digital transformation and to lead in a new world where corporate assets are intangible.
A peer network (online and in-person), underpinned by our interactive user-friendly Membership Pavilion (our own bespoke social-media forum), on which you are listed as Member alongside your peer network.
Receptions, including the Annual Spring Party (London) – only item which depends on COVID-19 situation
Newsletter summarizing our output and upcoming activities (quarterly)
Complementary: Standard Membership for APPG AI and APPG Blockchain. 

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APPG AI (All Party Parliamentary Group on AI)

Shape the future with AI by joining the most sophisticated and impactful APPG AI network, which unpacks the economic, societal, and ethical implications of AI adoption.


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APPG BLOCKCHAIN (All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain)

Shape the future with Blockchain by joining the ground-breaking APPG Blockchain network which ensures that industry and society benefit from the full potential of blockchain and DLT.

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APPG Blockchain Webpage has moved to an open-project community-platform: 

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Big Innovation Centre’s Membership networks and programmes run from our
Pavilion co-creation platform for professionals [link]

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“There could not have been a better place for me to launch the Government’s Innovation and Growth Strategy than the Big Innovation Centre.”

(December 2011)


“As I said when Barclays first joined the Big Innovation Centre, I want to put innovation right back at the heart of our business for the benefit of our customers.”

“Our own co-creation days and our renewed emphasis on supporting innovation and entrepreneurs have been catalysed by our Big Innovation Centre membership. We look forward to working with the team in 2014 and beyond.”

(December, 2013)


“So I am delighted to be here at the Big Innovation Celebration and to take the chance to acknowledge the contribution that Birgitte [CEO, Big Innovation Centre] and her colleagues have made in developing and celebrating the culture of innovation. Our job in Innovate UK is to fund and connect businesses, to help to create economic growth and to underpin improved productivity ..We are now working on our long term strategy, so I have been asking my colleagues – how do we adopt some of the thinking from Big Innovation Centre into our own long term plans.”


“At EDF Energy and EDF Group more generally we have a long and enduring commitment to research and innovation .. I am convinced that the work of Big Innovation Centre will provide a great boost to innovation in the UK”

(April 2016)


“GSK is eager to take the opportunity to help UK break through innovation barriers as a part of the Big Innovation Centre’s vibrant research and evidence-driven approach. The inclusion of business as integral collaborators is novel, the experience from industry of innovation has largely been missing in research to date and it brings an important additional perspective that we hope will contribute to innovative solutions.”

(September 2011)


Big Innovation Centre has gone on to do invaluable research on how universities and businesses can become co-creators for growth.

I was also pleased to address their global Triple Helix Conference in 2013, where it was gratifying to see such a large international audience with the shared mission to bring businesses, universities and governments together to co-innovate and solve economic, social and technological challenges.”

(December 2013)

“Innovate UK has seen the Big Innovation Centre establish itself as a valuable part of the UK’s innovation landscape.

Exploiting its unique combination of research, business networks and policy expertise, the Big Innovation Centre has carved out a strong position to convene and influence the national debate on the importance of innovation, especially open innovation, in economic growth and policy.

Its pivotal position in the innovation ecosystem is extremely useful for everyone involved. We share the Big Innovation Centre’s vision to make the UK a global innovation hub by 2025.”

(December 2013)


“Google values the Big Innovation Centre network enormously and the opportunities it creates to meet other businesses and innovators.

“It’s a great space to learn about new ideas and to collaborate on some of the biggest challenges we face together.”

(December 2013)


“GSK welcomes the open innovation approach developed by the Big Innovation Centre, which has opened doors and released enormous energy and potential.”

(December 2013)


“I chose to launch the Government’s IP strategy at the Big Innovation Centre as the business friendly, innovation committed network it represents is what will help make UK into a global innovation hub.”

(December 2013)

‘The Innovator’ column, established with the Big Innovation Centre to reveal what good innovators look like, will raise the profile of innovation to where it needs to be.”

(December 2013)


“Participating in the Big Innovation Centre has given the University of Oxford direct access to a range of business leaders and the opportunity to help shape the research agenda on university-business interactions…”

(December 2013)

“The work of the Centre has clearly influenced government thinking on innovation and several of the member partners have formed innovation partnerships that otherwise would not have occurred …”

(December 2013)


“Through my Visiting Fellowship of the Big Innovation Centre I have experienced first hand their valuable influence in bringing together Government, Business and Higher Education Institutions on Open Innovation policy and practice development.”

(December 2013)


“BAE Systems has found membership of the Big Innovation Centre stimulating and useful, offering important insights about how to approach open innovation […] while giving opportunities to strengthen our own network.”

(December 2013)

“We at EDF Energy significantly value our association with The Big Innovation Centre. Membership has demonstrated the value of open innovation in the energy sector.”

(December 2013)



“We need a financial system that is capable of delivering patient capital – capital that isn’t seeking short-term returns, the sort of thing that the Centre’s Entrepreneurial Finance Hub is seeking to create.”

(March 2015)


“Will Hutton [Chair, Big Innovation Centre] and his team have made a really important contribution to our thinking so I want to thank him for that. I look forward to working with him and his team and congratulate them on managing to launch the Big Innovation Centre in the way that they have.”

(March 2015)

“There is a huge amount of political consensus around the importance of innovation. If we want the UK to be able to pay its way in the world it is through innovating – creating those products and services that no one else is providing that the world wants. This is absolutely fundamental to raising people’s living standards which is why we absolutely support what the Big Innovation Centre is doing. We can all agree on the importance of the Centre and I look forward to you scaling up and becoming even bigger.”

(March 2015)


“Barclays sincerely believes that a digital revolution is upon us and that it is much bigger than the industrial revolution. We do recognize that any such revolution has huge social cost, and this time around we’re committed to leaving no one behind. Technology for the sake of technology is interesting; technology that truly helps and makes people’s lives easier is a big deal and we want to go down that path. I’m really excited about the work that we’re doing together with the Big Innovation Centre. More power to you.”

(March 2015)



“The Big Innovation Centre is composed of fast, enthusiastic and creative learners. This business is going to scale up very rapidly.”

(March 2015)


“Today the UK energy sector is facing huge changes in customer expectations. We’re also facing changes in how that energy is generated, transported, stored and managed. That makes it an exciting time and one that means that we need innovation. EDF Energy has been really pleased to work with Will [Chair, Big Innovation Centre], Birgitte [CEO, Big Innovation Centre] and their team to explore some of these issues our society is facing. We believe that as a big company we can contribute, but we can also learn a lot.”

(March 2015)


“We are in 100% agreement with Will [Chair, Big Innovation Centre] and with Birgitte [CEO Big Innovation Centre] on the need to put science and innovation at the heart of our plans for the economy. We want to make Britain the best place in Europe to innovate, to patent new ideas and to start a new business.”

(April 2016)

“We were very impressed with Professor Birgitte [CEO Big Innovation Centre]. She has the vision of the global innovation hub.

(April 2016)