Individual Memberships

A unique and tailored innovation programme

Big Innovation Centre Membership is a unique and tailored innovation programme launching in January 2020 as direct response to a demand from our fast-growing community of innovators asking “how can I get involved?”

Big Innovation Centre Membership is a peer network of business leaders and executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and renowned academics and policy makers focused on building their innovative capabilities through continuous innovation, industry disruption and dynamic leadership. An aim of our network is also to align technological innovation, national plans, business strategies, investment, research, regulation and governance.

Membership grants exclusive access to a wealth of activities, events, thought leadership, knowledge transfer and networking opportunities:

  • INNOVATION SHOWCASE @ London Tech-Week
  • APPG AI – The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence
  • APPG BLOCKCHAIN – The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain
  • ANNUAL SPRING PARTY  – Big Innovation Centre’s annual celebration event
  • KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER – Innovation leadership programmes

See the full calendar here

Individual membership:

Annual membership costs £1000 per year and a two-year membership costs £1500* (*limited launch offer).

Note: Individual membership are non-transferable.

Corporate / organisational memberships to individuals:

A corporate / organisation can buy three or more non-transferable individual memberships, with a 10% discount. If you would like to apply for this, please email

Alternatively, if you are interested in a Corporate Partnership with your company, then please visit our Corporate Partnerships page

Note: Member fees are used to sponsor research which underpins the thought-leadership of our events, secretarial support and administration, logistics and the activities themselves. (None of our programmes, including those with UK Parliament, are supported by allocated government funding or tax-payment)


To become a member please complete this membership application form. If your application is approved you will receive a link to purchase your membership.