Innovation Fellowship

A unique and tailored Innovation Fellowship programme

A unique and tailored Innovation Fellowship programme as a direct response to a demand from a fast-growing community of innovators asking “how can I get involved?”

The Innovation Fellowship, launched by Big Innovation Centre, is a peer network of business leaders and executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and renowned academics and policymakers focused on building their innovative capabilities through continuous innovation, industry disruption and dynamic leadership. An aim of our network is also to align technological innovation, national plans, business strategies, investment, research, regulation and governance.

Benefits summary

The Innovation Fellowship include bookings for All-Party Parliament Groups (APPG AI and APPG Blockchain) Evidence-meetings, free access to Innovation Showcases (in the spring and during London Tech Week), Receptions and more.

Via a formal association, it provides access to a wealth of activities, unique events, thought leadership, knowledge transfer and peer-group opportunities.

Innovation Fellows can participate in deep dives of the issues affecting business leaders, policymakers and society in the areas of Artificial Intelligence futures, Blockchain, data governance, citizen participation, enterprise adoption of future-tech, skills transformation, innovation, investment trends and markets.

Three Distinct Benefits:

  1. No need to spend effort developing a personal network, when you can access a well-established peer group
  2. Secure registrations and free access to top thought-leadership meetings, innovation showcases and amazing events
  3. Online knowledge transfer giving you access to a wealth of information and strategic knowledge relevant for entrepreneurs, business executives, thought leaders, policymakers and public managers


Further details


APPLICATION: Online Application Form is below

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Through your Innovation Fellowship you both support and benefit from our programmes.

  • The Innovation Fellowship fee is £1000 for one year (12 months). And £1500 for two years (early offer)
  • A corporate / organisation can apply for three or more with a 10% discount

Note: Fees are used to sponsor research which underpins the thought-leadership of the events, Secretarial support (for APPGs) and administration, logistics and the activities themselves. None of the programmes, including those happening in UK Parliament or elsewhere, are supported by allocated government funding or tax-payment.


To become an Innovation Fellow please complete this application form. If your application is approved you will receive a link to secure your fellowship.