Is this the Cambrian Explosion of AI in the UK?

An article published on Information Age  on 24 October 2018

Written by Andrew Ross

Featuring: Big Innovation Centre releases a major report, showing the UK AI landscape as one of the most impactful and growing sectors affecting the future of the UK. 

As China and the US fight to become the dominant leader in the international AI race, the UK is well positioned to become an international AI leader in specific niches, including healthcare and fintech. The UK is also tipped to lead the way in AI ethics, governance and safety frameworks on a global scale.

This is all according to a major report by the Big Innovation Centre and Deep Knowledge Analytics.

The 2200-page report released today, which is the largest analysis conducted in this area to date, features profiles of 1000 companies, 600 investors, 0 influencers, 35 tech hubs and research institutes, as well as multiple private and government entities working around the development of the UK AI-industry. Notably, the report also features input from the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI.

According to the report, AI has become much more than a technological advancement; and is now considered to be one of the most impactful and growing sectors affecting the future of the UK.

Lord Clement-Jones CBE, Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI and Chair of the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, said: “As shown in the report of the UK AI landscape, we have now reached the inflection point which can be reasonably described as the Cambrian Explosion of AI in the UK. Our previous reports by the Lords Select Committee on AI in the UK Parliament highlighted the nation’s very strong potential to become a global leader in AI, provided that sufficient commitments from the UK Government were made in order to prioritise it as a matter of national strategic importance from investment in industry to trust in data and algorithms.”