Dr Hatem Bugshan

Head of Big Innovation Centre - Middle East

Riyadh, SA & Dubai, UAE

As Head of Big Innovation Centre in Middle East, Dr Hatem Bugshan aims to redefine the current innovation landscape to be more open and collaborative. Through a local presence of Big Innovation Centre, he will lead the its contribution to transforming the Middle East economy into a smart knowledge-based economy which can unleash the economic growth and unlock the hidden potential of digital, AI and Future-Tech opportunities.

Hatem holds a unique combination of business skills, expertise, and passion for innovation-led societies:

Corporate leadership: As a member of Bugshan Group, Hatem’s experience in business leadership builds upon one of the largest conglomerates in the Middle East and North Africa region. ThImportant Rolee Bugshan Group have in-depth knowledge of the business in each sector and servicing the market for more than 50+ years to the ever-increasing needs of its client and stakeholders. The business group operates various companies in a diversified set of sectors, including real estate, automotive, perfumes and cosmetics, education, and security and defence.

“Never has the time and place been more timely. Together, we will create the taskforces that implement the 2030 Vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and prototype a new future for our smart city-regions as NEOM and Smarter Dubai.”