George Farrer

Communications Assistant incl. Political Party Conferences 2021


Ambitious and enthusiastic, George Farrer is interning at Big Innovation Centre and will be providing support in the coming months and with the political party conference season. George completed his A-levels, including Economics and Politics, in Cambridgeshire, and has just finished his BA Politics degree at the University of York. Throughout his degree, George excelled in and enjoyed policy related modules such as ‘Politics in the UK’, ‘European Far Right’ and ‘State, Economy and Society’. The latter looked at the relationship between the three components, and theory behind technological changes which have advanced society today. In his final year, George wrote a policy-oriented dissertation thesis on David Cameron’s modernisation of the Conservative Party prior to 2010.

During George’s degree he developed outstanding analytical skills, looking at and interpreting large amounts of information and data, to produce arguments and viewpoints which are convincing and comprehendible. Additionally, George’s communication skills are a strong suit, whether this be verbal or written, delivering many presentations during his degree at York.

George will be interning at Big Innovation Centre in the forthcoming months and will be providing support with the political party conferences 2021. He also will be looking at use of artificial intelligence within online ‘robot’ interviews and the regulation behind using AI in the job markets. Having completed such interviews before, and at the start of his career, this will be an interesting project for George.