Ijaz Ali

Pavilion 2.0: Lead Developer


Ijaz Ali is the Lead Developer of the Pavilion Platform 2.0 project (Big Innovation Centre’s community platform in all regions). He leads the software development team to make this Pavilion 2.0 project a big success with sheer dedication, innovation, and commitment. In addition, he supports other projects to help increase Big Innovation Centre’s already vast technology networks.

Ijaz is an experienced professional from Pakistan serving the software industry for the past seven years and has worked with Big Innovation Centre projects since 2021. Ijaz constantly seeks out innovative solutions to everyday problems, and with significant exposure to fintech microfinancing technology, Ijaz has from an early career contributed progressive software solutions (including fintech and networking platforms) with his dedication, professional abilities, and technical skills.

Ijaz Ali holds his bachelor’s degree in information and technology from the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.