Sayali Borole

Smart Economy Project Lead


As a Project lead, Sayali is closely engaged with our Middle East projects, especially supporting the transition of the oil economy to a knowledge-driven economy and future-proofing a more inclusive society. She supports in designing proposals, research, organisational development and overall delivery of all the projects in Middle East.  She works with a forward-looking group of thought leaders, private sector leaders, regulators and policymakers in the UK and the Middle East.

Having worked as an urban planner and public-policy researcher earlier, Sayali brings her understanding of managing development and innovation, urbanisation including smart city concept, and advocacy skills to Big Innovation Centre. This, with the aim of encouraging changes that have a sustainable impact for all in the society, particularly focusing on evidence-based public policy proposals.

A Development Professional with over 6 years of experience working in areas of improving governance; ICT and development; urban planning, and issues of poverty, Sayali brings her knowledge of institutions with policy-making, analytical skills and experience of working with the public and private sector, think-tanks, and research institutes. She has worked with wide range of stakeholders including the multi-lateral organisation in countries such as the UK, India, and southern African countries.

Sayali holds her second Master’s degree in Development Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and her first Master’s is in Urban and Regional Planning. She completed her Bachelors in Architecture from India.