Subba Rao (Jay) Jayanti

Chief Strategy Officer

Hyderabad - INDIA

Subba Rao Jayanti, known as Jay, joined Big Innovation Centre India in 2019 as Chief Strategy Officer. A thought leader in the development of strategic plans and marketing strategies for various organizations over the years. He has in-depth expertise in supporting business and organizational goals. Characterized as a strategist and tactician, he has been a great motivator, mentor and has successfully built teams of knowledge professionals across organizations. Jay received recognition as a results-oriented leader with considerable experience in this dynamic, fast-changing Information technology sector.

Jay has an impeccable vision and has succeeded in setting the direction for his associated organizations. A decisive leader with a strong work ethic and Integrity. He is known to drive excellence and build IP. Importantly, being directly accountable for P/L, Leadership and Management of Organizations. He established international marketing & development offices in several countries and created complimentary associate partners in various region.

He had travelled across North America, Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia and helped various business on multiple strategies. He developed and implemented innovative strategies to create IP, and perceived value for the organizations operated, resulting in substantial value creation.

Jay brings immense experience with a blend of both technology and innovation with MS in Statistics and Information Sciences and Strategic Management from IIM, India.