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The activities are Accredited and Certified by the UK Continuous Professional Development (CPD) standardisation body due to its importance for business, entrepreneurship, innovation and investment.  


Unique Programme: 

The Innovators Board’s is designed for business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to

  • connect with current global technology disruptors and social movers, in order to

  • better understand the current changes facing our business environment, and

  • think forward about how to navigate through an era of accelerating disruptions.

We live through an intense period of Creative Disruption and Social Movements ranging from black lives matter to the happiness movement and the cultural and political rise of the green movement. You can’t ignore them!

We bring the global technology disruptors and social movers together for the first time! Join us to understand what the changes mean for building sustainable inclusive businesses, fair and just supply chains and ‘people first’ metrics. 


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